Dr. Sonjia provides evidence-based training that improves outcomes in school-based and corporate settings.

Sexual Negotiation/ STD Prevention/ Reproductive Health

Dr. Sonjia trains adolescents to prevent sexually transmitted infections, negotiate consensual sexual relationships, and prevent unplanned pregnancies. School-based sexuality education is limited and many adolescents do not have the opportunity to learn skills that support positive romantic relationships and reduce unwanted sexual consequences. Dr. Sonjia teaches adolescents about the effects of alcohol and substance use on sexual decision making, utilizing available resources to prevent sexually transmitted infections, and negotiation skills that reduce the liklihood of engaging in unwanted sexual activities.

Sexual & Gender Microaggressions 

Based on professional development she conducts for the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Dr. Sonjia trains academic institutions and corporations to identify and reduce microaggressions that marginalize females and individuals who identify as Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, or Transgender (LGBT). Microaggressions are defined as a subtle but offensive comment or action that is often unintentional or unconsciously reinforces a stereotype.  Whereas overt sexism and homophobia have declined significantly in recent decades, microaggressions have increased. Due to the indirect nature of microaggressions, as well as lack of ability to recognize microaggressions, many organizations are not successful in creating a loyal culture in which all employees feel valued. Dr. Sonjia’s training on microaggressions increases tolerance and acceptance of diverse individuals, as well as fosters an environment of accountability and intolerance for bias based on gender and/or sexual orientation.

LGBT Sensitivity Training

Building upon her experience conducting “Safe Space” LGBT sensitivity training for medical providers at the University of Miami and Jackson Memorial Hospital, Dr. Sonjia offers LGBT awareness and interactive training to corporations and academic institutions.  During a 90 minute curriculum, Dr. Sonjia teaches participants about recent legislative changes, acceptable linguistic terminology to use with people who identify as LGBT, and educates about privileges which are frequently not extended to LGBT individuals. Learners leave this training with improved regarding challenges facing the LGBT community, increased ability to communicate with LGBT individuals using culturally-sensitive language, and enhanced committment to accept and support people that identify as LGBT.