Dr. Sonjia is a dynamic public speaker who educates about romantic relationships, sexual satisfaction, and sustaining sexual health throughout the lifespan.

Empowerment Events

Dr. Sonjia leads inspirational, powerful, and funny seminars which empower participants to achieve their optimal potential in life. As a mother, wife, and one of the few credible sexual health scientists in the U.S., Dr. Sonjia has become a trusted voice who addresses sensual satisfaction in a respectful tone that resonates with high achievers. She identifies with common relationship challenges and educates participants with practical strategies that can be implemented in their everyday life.

Corporate Programs

Successful corporations know that harmonious personal relationships enhance employee productivity. Personally fulfilled employees have less absenteeism, better health, and minimize office gossip. Additionally, employees that develop skills to relate well with their partner have better relationships with their co-workers, leading to enhanced productivity throughout an organization. During corporate retreats and celebratory events, Dr. Sonjia delivers interactive seminars that inspire participants to strengthen significant relationships, commit to achieving personal and professional goals, and implement behaviors that lead to more success at work and at home.


For nearly 20 years, Dr. Sonjia has led exciting and informative sexual health conversations at Universities. Early in her career, while teaching human sexuality at the City University of New York, Dr. Sonjia’s class enrollment outgrew traditional classroom space. Since then, Dr. Sonjia has spoken to audiences at New York University, Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, the City University of New York, City College of San Francisco, The New School, Florida International University, Barry University, The University of Miami, St. Joseph’s College of Maine, and St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine in the Cayman Islands. Her high-energy, witty, and practical style of sex education resonates with young adults because she addresses important sex topics that are neglected by textbooks and incorporates current data relevant to common sex behaviors among college students. College students are high risk for unwanted sexual consequences, including HIV, other sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy, and rape. Dr. Sonjia’s poignant and refreshing communication style motivates college students to consider sexual interactions as a critical aspect of mental and physical health, while arming them with sexual negotiation skills that protect males and females from unfortunate sexual outcomes.

What people are saying…

Pasqual Goldschmidt, Dean, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
͞”Your lecture was outstanding and we were all riveted to your words. An experience that will stay with the students who were present and for a long time. Congratulations. I am so proud of what you do.”
Jessica Kizorek, Television Producer & Conference Director
“Dr. Sonjia bridges an important gap between the cool objectivity of a medical professional with the seductress powers of a sexually charged woman. Being in her presence is captivating, and it’s practically impossible not to be attracted to her regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. She disarms audiences immediately, making it fun (and safe) to talk about anything from crazy kink to STD prevention. No topic is off limits, no matter how embarrassing or taboo. Her public persona is warm, outrageous, and filled with laughs. There’s NO ONE in the field of sexual health I’d trust more on camera or on a stage than Dr. Sonjia.”
Elaina Norlin, Regional Library Manager & African American Research Library and Cultural Center
“We were very fortunate to have Dr. Sonjia accept our invitation to participate at the 2015 South Florida Book Festival. We found that her book Sex in South Beach: Let’s Talk About Sex had great reviews and when I talked to her on the phone, she had a upbeat, positive and warm personality. Well, during the first night on the festival, Dr. Sonjia completely mesmerized the audience with her honest and frank discussions about sex and sex education. Many guests pulled me aside and said that her talk “was the best” out of the 12 authors who presented that night. The next day Dr. Sonjia provided the audience with workshop that included feathers, oils and special treats you can taste. As the Executive Director, I’m usually “on the run” throughout the festival, not taking time to enjoy any of the workshops. However, although I did not plan on staying in Dr.Sonjia’s workshop, I ended up staying until the end because she was such a dynamite, fun and informative presenter. Many participants came up to me with rave reviews and were excited that we allowed this wonderful workshop in the library. I highly recommend working with Dr. will not be disappointed.”
Angie Nicholas, Founder Super Soul Empowerment Brunch & Fashion Networking Night
“When I met Dr Sonjia at the Jazz in The Garden Women’s Impact and Leadership Conference it was a breathtaking experience. We all have this taboo when it come to talking about SEX. But the way she speaks to educate us on our sexual health is like no other, she is such an inspiration who inspires us all to take control of our body. During the luncheon she also added some skits to get us in tune with ourself. I can best describe the experience as having a warm and cozy blanket wrapped around you that you get to take home and use throughout your life. I walked away with a sense of myself that was uncovered after many years and felt like I never had before.”
Olveen Carrasquillo, MD MPH, Professor of Medicine and Public Health Sciences, Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine, Interim Chief, Geriatrics and Palliative Care, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine
I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the evaluations of Dr. Kenya’s lectures and presentations here at the University of Miami. These confirmed what I already knew first hand. She is definitely one of the most popular speakers here at the University. In addition to the high numerical ratings that she always receives, among the many repeated comments in the evaluations by attendees were “excellent presenter”, “I wish we had more speakers like her”, “one of most engaging talks I have ever attended”, “I wish speakers like her were given more time to talk to us”, “Outstanding. We were all riveted to your words. An experience that will stay with the students for a long time”. Thus I fully recommend her as an oustanding public speaker to any group that is lucky enough to have her.”

Baha Moshiree MD, MS-CI, Associate Professor of Medicine Chester Cassel Endowed Chair in Gastroenterology
͞ I asked Sonjia to be my first speaker for a Women in Academic Leadership conducted for the American Gastroenterology Association, which comprised of a series of talks I had been asked to coordinate for our Gastroenterology Faculty, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and most importantly our female fellows who we are sending out into the workforce whether it is to private practice or Academic Medicine Jobs.
Ten minutes into her dynamic and energetic talk, I realized that I could not have picked a better speaker!! In a packed conference room at Dragonfly Sushi, we had her address many topics from obtaining leadership skills, finding the right job, tackling a difficult workplace or difficult personalities at work, coordinating your personal and professional lives as a wife, mother, athlete or even a single woman, mentorship struggles and self-preservation while climbing high ladders as minority women or as women in general. She hit on other important topics as well such as branding yourself and not having to follow a mold or pattern others may have and reinventing yourself. Sonjia candidly discussed her career trajectory and her struggles as a successful researcher and academician without censoring any of the important details others often leave out claiming to be “politically correct”. In fact, she shows everyone with her courage and strong personality that it is okay to NOT be politically correct at times and that it is the duty of women positioned high in academic leadership to break old barriers and obstacles so that the younger generations can advance forward with more ease! She is exactly the authentic speaker I needed for our first talk. Her evaluations after the talk were stellar and we are planning the next one already in early August.
Sonjia-you are my idol. I want to brand myself into you 🙂 But it may be too late…”

To inquire about scheduling and rates, please send a detailed email to


To inquire about scheduling and rates, please send a detailed email to