Dr. Sonjia facilitates workshops for groups of 8-20 people that help participants develop skills to enhance romantic relationships or attract an ideal relationship.

Couples Groups

Successful sexual relationships need friendly support from like-minded people. A group of friends committed to fulfilling partnerships can lead to happier families, healthier communities, and a world filled with more love. Dr. Sonjia works with couples who want to enhance sensual intimacy and have friends with similar relationship goals.  Dr. Sonjia leads groups of couples through intimacy-building exercises and teaches natural stimulation techniques that help keep the fire alive in long-term partnerships.

Parenting Groups (Booty after Baby)

Parents are children’s most powerful role models for sexual relationships. Children are conditioned to model their future relationships after the relationship(s) they witness among their parents. Dr. Sonjia educates parents on strategies to sustain satisfying intimate relationships that demonstrate growth, respect, and romantic love.


Singles Groups (Wine & Whining)

Dr. Sonjia teaches groups of single people how to manifest their ultimate romantic relationship. The program is delivered through 3 workshops based on the love attraction program which Dr. Sonjia developed and used to attract her husband almost 10 years ago.  The workshop series guides single people through exercises that help them identify their own personal development needs, determine the most significant qualities of their ideal partner, and implement specific mental and practical behaviors that lead to more interactions with people who meet their criteria for an ideal partner. Through this program, participants learn that being single is the result of behaviors, not luck.  Participants also learn that achieving and sustaining a satisfying romantic relationship is also the result of specific behaviors, not luck. Learners leave this workshop series empowered with knowledge, skills, and an action plan to manifest their ultimate romantic relationship.

Date Night Special

On the last Friday of every month, Dr. Sonjia guides a small group of couples through four hours of sensual exploration that reignites desire and renews passion between committed partners. Couples start with a tour of the World Erotic Art Museum. Next, over wine and appetizers, couples learn to arouse desire in just 15 minutes using all natural strategies. Dr. Sonjia then leads each couple through flirting exercises which they practice over dinner. The night ends with a seductive burlesque show featuring Shameless Burlesque, Miami’s premier burlesque troupe.  Click here for tickets