Aromatherapy for your skin
smell good, feel good


Stimulating Body Oil

SENSE body oil smells delicious and unique on everyone who wears it! Plus, SENSE naturally arouses desire, hydrates skin, and repels insects because being eaten should feel GOOD! Use it as a daily moisturizer and as a fragrance that nourishes your skin and your sensual potential!

This natural moisturizer is made from oils of Sunflower, Grapeseed and Coconut that are blended with a secret essential oil fragrance proven to stimulate desire. Produced by hand in small batches, SENSE is a quick absorbing blend that fights aging, repairs damaged skin, and leaves your whole body feeling silky soft while igniting a soothing feeling of desire.



    • Grapeseed Oil: Anti-aging, antioxidants, Moisturizes, tightens skin, unclogs pores
    • Sunflower Oil: protects skin, fights inflammation, omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins A,C,D,E
    • Coconut Oil: heals and hydrates, nourishes, renews, soothes


FINGER LICKING GOOD!  You know that feeling when you step into an elevator and all of the men look at you….in a good way? Well, that’s exactly what happens when you wear Sense Stimulating Body Oil, even just a dab behind your ears! There is something really, really special about this oil; something that makes men drawn to you. Listen, I’ve been wearing perfume and various body oils for my entire life and I consider myself to be a fairly attractive mom in her late 40’s (can you say COUGAR – LOL!), but whenever I wear Sense Body Oil, I feel like I’m 25 again, based on the increased eye contact and general attention given to me by the opposite sex. Let me put it you another way, the first time I wore Sense Body Oil around my grown SON, who is 25 years old, he kept saying to me throughout the day, “Mom, I don’t know what it is, but you just smell REALLY, REALLY good.” Talk about feeling awkward – LOL! I didn’t want to explain to him that this particular scent is literally MADE to draw the opposite sex towards you, including young men drowning in their own testosterone. So if you’re looking for a date, a one night stand or a long term relationship, just buy Sense Stimulating Body Oil now. You won’t regret it. Trust me.

Get noticed now! You will get lots of attention! Every time that I wear Sense, which is everyday, someone will come up to me and smell me and say “wow, you smell so good- what is that?” I love the versatility of the product which is very cost effective. I mean you can’t beat a product that attracts men and repels bugs all in one oil!
Loving this Oil: The fragrance is fantastic, and is highly effective. After just one use, my husband (a sexually aloof character) was instantly aroused by the smell, and by the silkiness of my skin. My favorite part is how it dries up quickly, and does not leave you feeling sticky or oily. In addition, I found it to be an effective mosquito repellant as I used the oil before a barbeque, and was the only one not effected by the mosquitos; not to mention that I was also the only one who did not reek of bug spray. Great stuff! Highly recommend it.

MUST have!: This stuff is amazing. AND, it even repels mosquitos! We took it to Costa Rican with us and didn’t get one bug bite. I also smelled amazing the whole time we were there :-))

20 minutes or less: All of my suitemates at work swear by this body oil for both its moisturizing and “seductive” effects, so I finally decided to give it a shot. I was skeptical at first – moisturizer, mosquito-repellant, and stimulating oil all-in-one? But it was seriously effective in all three categories! It works great for day-to-day use as a moisturizer – it dries in minutes without leaving an oily residue and it keeps my skin hydrated all day. It was also surprisingly effective as a repellant – the mosquitos are rampant in South Florida and I haven’t been bit once since I started wearing Sense. My mother-in-law spends a lot of time out on her patio, so I her a bought a bottle as a gift and she loves it too – she’s totally ditched her usual spray! I’d recommend it on the repellant quality alone, but it’s even more effective in the bedroom – results in 20 minutes! 5 stars across the board!

Omg!!! Your oil has become our love potion and its great!!!!!
“Upon receipt of the bottle I read the label, and was very interested in what this product could possibly smell like. Curious, I took a tiny drop to my fingertips and rubbed the oil into my wrists, and noticed right away that I loved the smell, and the fact that the oil did not make me feel greasy! I took some more and rubbed it into my ankles, and behind my ears (as the bottle suggests). I went on with my day, and as time passed even forgot about the oil completely.
Later that night, I got home to quickly settle in and begin my daily chores. As I was doing my dishes, my cat starts obnoxiously rubbing against my legs and purring. Mind you, my 20 lb. long haired puffball and I have a very loving relationship, but when I tell him to “move” or “get out” he always does just that, and will go off and play with his toys, or start grooming himself. This time he was lingering! Annoyed, I finished up the dishes and went over to the couch to lie dawn. Then, here comes the cat! He jumped right on my stomach and starts flipping on his back and purring, his tail is all up in my face, and again, I am super annoyed and tell him, “What’s wrong with you! Get off!” Defending the cat, my husband says, “What’s the problem? Your boys just want to cozy with you; come here…”
Okay, now let me just take a few steps back; my husband is a VERY serious guy. He does not cuddle, he does not make out (kisses are in short pecks), and he is never one to initiate any sort of intimacy. It’s always me trying to get close, and do anything to get him in the mood, so it’s little to say that this comment came as a surprise.
I looked at him puzzled and said, “hold up, I have to finish doing laundry.” I was surprised but went on thinking nothing of it until we went to bed.
When I got in, my husband came right in too, and he grabbed my hair and started making out! I was like, whoa! No way! This is awesome! I was so turned on, and so was he, and we both made it very clear that if it wasn’t for my monthly visitor being in town, we would have had sex. Still, that kiss put a smile on my face that I have not been able to wipe off all day!
This oil is a marriage saver, because honestly I do long for my husband to be more sexually driven. I know that he is definitely the love of my life, and I hate having second thoughts about our marriage. It falls short to say that this oil has brought hope back into my heart.
Thanks Dr. Sonjia!”