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Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex in South Beach starts fun conversations about sex, relationships, and staying healthy between the sheets. Enjoy Dr. Sonjia’s humor, science, and real-life experiences which inspire discussions about pleasure preferences, all-natural sex stimulants, swinging, sexercises, re-igniting passion, and so much more. Talking about sex is the first step to achieving sensual satisfaction and this book empowers you to speak up!


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027 – He Said, She Said: Discovering Ultimate Desires

When’s the last time you told you partner what you really want in bed? And when’s the last time you asked your lover about their deepest sexual desires? In today’s show, Dr. S teaches you how to have fun learning your partner’s sensual desires and telling them how to please you too. This is the […]
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026 – Love A La Mode: Sexual Relationships between Professional People

Are you a boss in love with another boss?  It’s easy to see why successful professionals often fall for other successful people. But often, sexual relationships between two high powered adults don’t work out for the long-term because they can’t figure out how to work together without trying to change each other! Since modern women […]
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Sex after Breast Cancer

When you hear about Breast Cancer, do you think of an extraordinary woman? I do. And I think SHE deserves comprehensive care that considers HER holistic health – her mental, physical, spiritual, and sexual well-being. Fortunately, early detection and effective treatment have helped so many women live longer, healthier lives – but sex problems persist […]
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